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Outer districts – east

Munich east is home to one of the city's largest districts when it comes to surface. And probably the oldest: Trudering. Archaeological discoveries during the airport construction in 1937 led to the insight that this area south of Riem had already been settled 700 - 400 BC. Almost all of the east consists of a real housing paradise - not only due to Trudering's high percentage of (semi)-detached houses. More so since 1992 when the Munich Airport moved from Riem to Erding and with it all the aircraft noise.

Beside Trudering there's a number of districts in the east: Berg am Laim, Ramersdorf, Perlach, Daglfing and Riem. Outside the city limits you will find boroughs such as Feldkirchen, Haar, Aschheim and Putzbrunn, Neubiberg and Ottobrunn. Those locations share High-Tech industry (EADS und Eurocopter in Ottobrunn) as well as a strong agricultural background. Bavaria's slogan "laptop and leather pants", a very special symbiosis, may have its origins here.

The exhibition centre Riem experienced an upgrade during the National Garden Show 2005. The modern district with ecological housing construction, the exhibition centre and the Riem Arcades received a wonderful park through the garden show, which possesses a swimming lake of 10.000sqm. and an outstanding garden. This Friendship Garden was donated by Munich's twin city Cincinnati. On 1000sqm. visitors can grasp a piece of North American nature. Gardeners from Cincinnati planted the landscape around their home town with their Munich colleagues. Between the seven "Cincinnati hills" the Ohio River makes its course as a glittering asphalt footpath using the green colour of the river.

Right next door find shopping at its best. The Riem Arcades offer more than 120 shops and restaurants on 4 floors. Another park adds to Munich's east since the design of the district Neuperlach in the 1960s. Ostpark with its lake, beer garden and speed skating track not only lures sportspeople, but anyone wanting to stroll or walk the dog. During the winter the hills invite for a sled and during the summer the beer garden is good for a rest under chestnuts.

In 2007 Munich's oldest beer garden celebrated its 503rd anniversary: the "Alter Wirt" in Ramersdorf. Its history is quickly recounted: the church Maria Ramersdorf across it was a pilgrimage church and in order to provide the pilgrims with food and beverages it was vital to build a tavern. Today the "Alter Wirt" is not only one of Munich's cosiest beer gardens, but also one of the cheapest and best for families due to its special offers.

Daglfing und Riem have gained international reputation through the Munich race courses. While the trotters dwell in Daglfing, Riem is home of the gallop.

by Dietmar Stanka

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